North Carolina's Coastal Connection

Jacksonville Flying Service (JFS) is located at the Ellis Airport (OAJ) adjacent to Jacksonville, NC, Camp Lejeune and the New River Air Station. Just a few miles from the New River and access to the Barrier Islands, JFS is in the heart of North Carolina's coastal beaches and communities. 

Jacksonville Flying Service

Whether your destination is the Jacksonville area or you just need a convenient fuel stop, we offer quick turns, tie downs and competitive Jet A and AvGas fuel prices.

With numerous estuaries and lagoons to explore, kayaking and boating are popular pastimes in the North Carolina Barrier Islands region. Ask about our hotel, golfing, rental car and Kayak packages.



The Barrier Islands of coastal North Carolina offer sandy beaches and quaint communities to explore,

It's never been easier or more convenient to learn to fly through the Jacksonville Flying Service training programs. Single engine, multi-engine, ATP and advanced ratings are available. Our experienced certified flight instructors offer competitive teaching rates. Also, check out our aircraft training  fleet and aircraft rental programs.

Aircraft in need of servicing? We have licensed A&P technicians standing by.